October 10, 2019, Fall Art & Music Crawl

Thursday, October 10, 2019 ~ 7-10 PM

The Fall 2019 Art Crawl features 9 Art Exhibitions in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood for you to come and explore. Below you will find a list of participating venues and what’s on that night.

Musical Performances at the Galleries October 10th

performing at Zwig at 7:30 PM

Cheyenne Sapphire   @cheyennesapphire

“Cheyenne doesn’t perform, she Prayerforms” – J.Scolt She fuses dance, breathwork, music & poetry to create an experience like no other. One of magic and spiritual ascension. As a woman of mixed heritage, she seeks to dismantle stereotypes and break free from restricting mindsets to create empowering art that ignites self-transformation.   

Cheyenne Sapphire

performing at Propeller at 8:10 PM

AARYS   @itsaarys 

AARYS is a confident and engaging performer with a strong and sultry voice. Having her own experiences with anxiety, she also has a passion for advocating for mental health which has made its way into her songwriting. 

Her debut album SECRETS is a blend of dark and alternative tones over lush electronic music and has garnered her a SOCAN Song of the Week, a CBC Music feature, and was named Album of the Year from her hometown’s Niagara Music Awards

performing at The Freedom Factory at 8:45 PM

SEYBLU   @seyblu

Seyblu is a fresh voice on the Canadian music scene, bringing hot soul originals with a contemporary flavour to the Toronto audience since 2014. Her current residency at The Poetry Cafe is in the heart of the multicultural Kensington Market scene and has created an exciting buzz in the industry. Seyblu is known for her deep musicality, hot fashion sense, and authentic soulful sound as heard in her latest single Afterglow released this September. 

spinning at Antikka from 7-9:30 PM

DJ Groove Merchant   @shaunt_tch

DJ Groove Merchant takes you on a journey through centuries and styles of music rooted in rhythmic groove. He aims to find music that stimulates the head, the heart and the feet. You can also find him at his cafe/ record store – Antikka Cafe 

Performing at Antikka at 9:45 PM

Dstll   @_dstll_

Dstll will be wrapping up the art crawl performances at 9:45 PM at Antikka.

Dstll is an experimental RNB band from Toronto. Dstll uses different sounds and genres to create anthems that celebrate being sad in 6ix. 

Fall Art Crawl Exhibitions

Stop by one of the participating galleries between 7 and 10 PM

Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West

Gladstone’s Annual Painting Show, Why the @#&! Do You Paint? What’s It All Mean?

The introduction of the camera aided in changing the focus of painting away from representation and realism toward many
different forms of expression. With this, the meaning of the work has surpassed the aesthetics. The fifth year anniversary of Why the @#&! Do You Paint focuses on the meaning or message within the work, packed with meaning and painted to “perfection”.

• DJ Joe Blow
• Melody Bar 8 PM: Drag cabaret by the Diet Ghosts
Craft Ontario
1106 Queen Street West

Until October 12th: Craft Ontario ’19 surveys the work of members across the province and presents the very best of contemporary craft.

The exhibition includes work from each of the core regions of the province, with four exhibitors selected by the jury to be recognized with awards for Best in the North, East, Southwest, and Central Ontario. Craft Ontario ’19 jurors: Annie Tung, David Kaye, and Susan Jefferies. Participating Artists: Amanda Rataj, Brianna Gluszak, Hae Joung Han, Janet MacPherson, Joon Hee Kim, Judy Martin, Linda Brine, Lindsay MacDonals, Susan Low-Beer, Tammy McClennan, Tanya Lyons and Wanxing Wang
The Zwig Collection
68 Abell Street (Abell Alley)

The Zwig Foundation Collection is a charitable organization created in memory of Helen and Walter Zwig. As international adventurers, Helen and Walter were dedicated to exploring the
world and nurturing a true passion for the arts. Through the years, they amassed a unique and personal collection that spans 20th century Canadian, Inuit, European, and South Pacific art. Collection highlights include works by Kathe Kollwitz, Gershon Iskowitz, and Victor Vasarely.

• 7:30 PM – Cheyenne Sapphire 
Artscape Youngplace 3rd Floor
Critical Distance Centre for Curators
Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street Suite #302

ACCESS IS LOVE and LOVE IS COMPLICATED: exhibition and event series in Partnership with Tangled Art + Disability

Propeller Art Gallery
30 Abell Street 

Reality Vanishing In Plain Sight A Curated Show of Altered Images. Selected from a Call for Submissions for photographs that make use of the altered or fabricated image this exhibition presents 24 artists exploring strategies of appropriation and manipulation to create revealing new images in a broad array of mediums. 

Exhibiting Artists: 
Valerie Ashton, Christopher Bradd, David Brandy, Melanie Chikofsky, Kathleen Clayton, Ulla Djelweh, Matthew Grimm, Brian Groberman, Shelagh Howard, Laura Kay Keeling, Robin Kingsburgh, Andrew Lennox, Michelle Letarte, Joann Maplesden, Rafaela Oliveira, Frances Patella, Alejandro Rizzo Nervo, Mike Steinhauer, Rennie Taylor, Daniela Tiger, Andres Vosu, Shelley Wildeman, Ross Williams, and Lingxiang Wu.

• 8:10 PM AARYS 
• Bar / Beer supplied by Steam Whistle
Artscape Youngplace 1st Floor
Koffler Gallery
Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street Suite #104-105

Undomesticated brings together over 80 works by 24 artists who subvert domestic objects and the settings of dwelling
spaces, revealing the flawed human attempts at achieving a sense of belonging. Detouring notions of home and domesticity, the exhibition addresses an underlying impossibility to adapt to and conversely tame our environments in order to construct places where our bodies and psyches can fit in. Engaging with different aspects of the domestic realm and its inherent politics, these artists transform the everyday to reveal its hidden, unyielding strangeness.
The Freedom Factory
22 Dovercourt Road 

Please join The Freedom Factory for the opening night of Chromotherapy, a Solo Exhibition by Abuk Lual. Abuk is a Toronto based artist who currently studies at OCAD University for Drawing & Painting. She primarily works with oil paint to convey intimate portraits and sometimes pure abstraction. Her work speaks louder than words and emphasizes emotional honesty. Chromotherapy explores the usage of colour as a tool to withdraw a deep connection to different moments in Abuk’s life. Her South Sudanese background is her inspiration that adds a refreshing and unique element to her body of work.

• 8:45 PM SEYBLU
• Bar
Artscape Youngplace 2nd Floor
Artscape Youngplace Hallway Galleries
Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street Suite

Launch of a Koffler.Digital project that will take place in the first floor hallway. The digital exhibition There are Times and Places launches officially on Thursday, October 10th on Koffler.Digital, the free online platform of the Koffler Centre of the Arts. A public reception will take place from 6 to 9 PM at Artscape Youngplace. There are Times and Places features original artworks by artists asinnajaq, Dayna Danger, Coco Guzman, Mani Mazinani and Wuulhu, each exploring ways in which the Internet functions (and, sometimes, fails) as an alternative, digitally-constructed space for forming community, expanding identity, and knowledge sharing.
Antikka Cafe & Records
960 Queen Street West

The Freedom Factory is curating an exhibition at Antikka by Chelsea Brimstin (she/her) an interdisciplinary photographer, writer, and digital media producer working in Toronto.

Being immersed in the queer community, her practice explores boundaries, highlighting the spaces where contrasting forces meet. Whether extending that exploration to capturing the perfect moment at a concert or to creatively calculated portraiture, she aims to utilize both film and digital stills to encapsulate a memory in truly innovative ways.

• Spinnning from 7-9:30 PM DJ Groove Merchant 
• 9:45 PM Dstll
• Bar

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